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Toppers in T.D.C./B.A. Final Exams

2001 Bina Das
2002 Anamika Sinha
2003 Mavin Bhattacharjee
2004 Raju Deb (ECOM)
2005 Suparna Das(SOCM)
2006 Soma Dutta(SOCM)
2007 Sonali Bakshi(ECOM)
2008 Jhorna Sharma(ECOM)
2009 Rajkumari Sah(PSCM)
2010 Biplob Deb (SOCM)
2011 Priya Sinha(ECOM)
2012 Prateek Mazumdar(ECOM)
2013 Sohinee Chakraborty(ECO)
2014 Bikram Newar(PSCM)
2015 Rina Chakraborty(PSCM)
2016 Anjali Lamichame(PSCM)
2017 Juhee Begum(EDNM)


Toppers in Sports Activity

1.Nar Bahadur Sonar
(200 mtrs race) -1st in the 4th inter institutional competition of Tinsukia District, 2005.

2. David Das
i. (shot- put) 1st in the 5th inter institutional competition of Tinsukia District, 2006.
ii. 3rd in 200 mtr race.
iii. 2nd in long jump.

3. Sanjib Chetia
i. Gold in Assam Amateur Boxing Association 22nd Assam inter district boxing championship 2006 organised by Chirang district boxing association.
ii. Gold in Tinsukia district boxing championship 2006, organized by Ledo Sports Academy.

Arm wrestling competition 2007, organised by Margherita Fitness Gym:-
Priyajit Mukherjee 1st position in 60 kg group, Kanchan Gogoi 2nd position in 55 kg group,Sanjib Chetia 2nd position in 75 kg group, Jitul Borah 3rd Position in 55 kg group.
In the Inter-College Boxing Championship of 2012 under Dibrugarh University the following students were able to show their best in the different categories :
1. Bhesraj Chetry - Gold
2. Netra Bahadur Chetry - Silver
3. Keshab Chetry - Gold


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