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The admitted students must abide by the college Rules and Regulations as laid down below. Violation of any rule of the college will incur a fine as mentioned.


Students must come to the college in proper uniform during the classes and on other occasions.The Uniform of the college is :

  • BOYS : Black trousers and Light sky blue¬†shirt
  • GIRLS : White Salwar Kurta and Joypuri print dupatta Or Muga Mekhela, White Chadar with pink border and pink blouse.

Library Rules

  • Books lost,torn or defaced in any way will have to be paid by the borrower.
  • Lost of Library Card will not be replaced during the term.
  • Keep the card in safe custody.

Class Room and Campus

  • Students must keep the classroom and campus neat and clean.
  • They should not behave in improper way inside the college campus.
  • Consumption of Gutkha,Alcohol,Tobacco is strictly prohibited.
  • Ragging is completly prohibited.
  • Indiscipline inside the campus shall not be tolerated.
  • Use of mobile phone is completly restricted.
  • Attending all college functions and meetings is mandatory.

Motor Bike, Mobile Phone and Chewing Gutkha are not allowed within the college Campus.

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